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We can learn a lot about your pet's health through a quick, simple, and affordable  blood test. If your pet is under 7 years old, it can establish a healthy baseline. If your pet is over 7 years old, it can identify diseases before clinical signs are evident. We have an in-clinic laboratory and are often able to provide lab results in 20 minutes.


There are many different tests we can perform in-house so you can get results about your pet sooner. We offer intestinal parasite screenings, pancreatitis tests, FIV testing, heartworm and lyme tests, and giardia tests to name a few. We also use an outside lab for specialized testing.

We have a digital x-ray machine that produces digital x-ray images within 6 seconds. This tool allows our doctors to diagnose a number of different problems. Digital x-rays can be emailed and/or copied to a CD.

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